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Serial Fiction : Story Route 01
Senki Zesshō Cross Fight B-Daman
「Senki Zesshou - Cross Fight B-Daman」
Kanji 戦姫絶唱 クロスフアイト ビ‐ダマン
Romaji Senki Zesshou Kurosu Fuaito Bidaman
Dubbed Cross Fight B-Daman and the Swan Song of the Valkyries
Genre Action-Adventure
Author GalaxyLorelei
Illustrator GalaxyLorelei
Chapters 22
Published on 20th August
Publisher GalaxyLorelei
Preceded by Cross Fight B-Daman EC
Succeeded by Senki Zesshō Symphogear New Era

Cross Fight B-Daman and the Swan Song of the Valkyries is the second season of Cross Fight B-Daman EC, it published on 20th August 2015.


4 months had passed, after defeating Naga, our brave and best b-shots had get in to their new life.

Starting with the main protagonists Lynné and Millay, are a mysterious battle group more powerful and on a larger scale than anything in the series so far.

Interweaving new characters, new b-damans and a new story, the gears will be in a larger scale.

New enemies shall appear in the story.

Original Cast

Cross Fight Saga

  • Riki Ryugasaki
  • Samuru Shigami
  • Kamon Day
  • Bakuga Shira


4 month passed after the Naga's Rampage event, on 1st January, Riki and the others are just trying to get used to their new life of getting into Middle school.

When they are having too much peace, they began to missed their friends in Chrome City (Including Millay). Then Simon, Misuru, Hugo and Derek rushed into them and dragged them to let them see what have they discovered.

They all were dragged into the city and showed to a poster of a new born Idol unit which surprised them that one of the members was Lynné who is their friend. Knowing that she's an Idol now which explained why she didn't contact them much due works. Looking the surrounding, judging everyone are their fans the unit that Lynné in is very popular now days.

Meanwhile, at Chrome City's Concert Stadium, a familiar girl appeared and knowing that a new beginning.

List of Chapters

First Arc : A New Era

No. Title Airdate
SV001 A New Beginning 20th August 2015
SV002 Soar to the Sky, My song 20th August 2015
SV003 The Unknown New, Igalima and Shul Shagana! 20th August 2015
SV004 The Girls are back! 20th August 2015
SV005 Happy New Year Festival ― Before That 20th August 2015
SV006 Happy New Year Festival ― The Day 20th August 2015
SV007 The Awakened Beat 20th August 2015


No. Title Airdate
SV008 Dissonance and Noise 2nd September 2015
SV009 Absolute Sword ― Ame-no-Habakiri 5th September 2015
SV010 Relic... 15th September 2015
SV011 Devil Bow ― Ichaival 18th September 2015
SV012 Hellsycthe - Igalima & Massacring Saw - Shul Shagana 26th September 2015
SV013 Passing in the Night 27th September 2015
SV014 Shedding Tears 28th September 2015
SV015 Sing one more time Utau 29th September 2015
SV016 From the Bottom of a Dark Abyss 09th October 2015
SV017 Where the Signs Lead 27th November 2015
SV018 Towards the Fate that Never Stops Assailing Us 28th November 2015
SV019 Kadingir 21st February 2016
SV020 Pierce the Moon 21st February 2016
SV021 SYMPHOGEAR 26th February 2016
SV022 Meteoroid, Falling, Burning, and Disappear, then ... 6th March 2016



  • There's will be new characters, b-damans and news designs for Lynné Utau and Millay.
  • All characters are students for middle school now.
  • It is a fan-fic adaptions based on the original anime series or a remake-version at least.